Resolute Global offers creative solutions for insurance providers and capital market investors. Our team of actuaries and underwriters have the technical capabilities and industry knowledge required to source and analyze individual risks, as well as the portfolio management expertise to identify attractive opportunities and capitalize on market dislocations.

A different strategy

Our Fund invests opportunistically in the primary insurance and reinsurance markets to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns non-correlated with the global economic and interest rate environment. Our innovative market approach is borne out of the idea that alpha can be generated through disciplined sector and contract selection and rigorous risk management.

To this end, we draw on the power of our highly experienced team of underwriters and actuaries, as well as our strategic partnerships to invest across multiple sectors, business lines, and geographies where we can source and analyze attractive, ‘short-tail’ opportunities. Across the organization, we have over 300 people focused on sourcing, underwriting, administration and claims management.

Tactical diversification across sectors

Leveraging our team's deep expertise and strong strategic partnerships, we can capitalize on market dislocations across diverse sectors. Our portfolio includes over 70 unique perils across our insurance and reinsurance books.

Property Reinsurance

hurricane, earthquake,
tornado, hail

Specialty Reinsurance

marine & offshore energy,
aviation, aerospace, liability

U.S. Insurance

non-standard auto, commercial
auto, mobile homeowners

Specialty Insurance

aviation, aerospace, liability,
event cancellation, contingency

Global Insurance

commercial property